Unleash Your Students’ Writing Creativity With Brainsparker

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Sometimes our brains take a vacation and leave us hanging. Sometimes we want to break the mold and the routine. Sometimes, we want to give students creative ways of achieving goals in our classes. The biggest problem with creativity is that our brains get used to routinely way of thinking. So what we really need is a little spark to jolt these ideas.

Brainsparker cards

Brainsparker, a free app, provides us with over 250 creative prompts we can use in class to help students (or yourself) think about creative opportunities in a creative way.

The way the app works is simple: you’re presented with a carousel of face-down cards. You simply tap your screen, and you’ll be shown an idea or question. It’s pretty simple and fun.

There are many categories where you can narrow the cards to you specific needs, and you can also buy new packs such as character packs, photo packs, writer’s pack, and so on.

You’ll be amazed with the prompts and ideas this app will give you. You can either assign them to class or use them between lessons to lighten up the class.

Class ideas

Do you want to give students interesting writing prompts for an essay? You can either assign them one prompt and see the whole class comes up with, or you can easily tap the app and assign something different to each student as a final project. Plus, for a daily boost of creativity, you can ask students to schedule a daily Brainsparker that gets delivered to their phones or iPads at the same time every day.

No phones? No problem. Brainsparker also offers templates ,so you can make your own cards you can use in your classes. You can find them in both regular and large cards. Happy sparking!

Price: Free (with optional in-app purchases)
Platform: iPhone and iPad. Download here.

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