Using Quizizz In The Classroom

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Quizizz is a popular online quiz platform that has been gaining popularity among teachers and students alike. It provides a fun and interactive way for teachers to assess students’ learning, before or after a lesson, and for students to review material before an exam. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Quizizz has become a go-to tool for many educators. Personally, I use Quizizz in most of my remote lessons as it makes class fun and gives students the chance to interact with their peers, even if it’s just during friendly competition. In this article, we will explore how it can be utilized effectively to enhance student learning.

Quizizz Offers various modes, from classic, to Instructor-paced, to the new Paper mode

Formative assessment

A no-brainer, Quizizz can be used as a formative assessment tool, allowing teachers to gauge students’ understanding of a particular topic or concept. From its platform you have access to reports and see which questions students struggle the most in order to give them constructive feedback. It can even tell you which question was the easiest or the hardest to answer.

Review and practice

Quizzes can be used as a review tool before a test or exam, or as a way for students to practice and reinforce their understanding of a topic. What’s more, you can assign quizzes as homework to reinforce any concepts you feel were not easily understood. 


Quizizz allows teachers to create different versions of a quiz, which can be used to differentiate instruction and provide personalized learning experiences for students. Furthermore, you can make different copies for different groups of students, depending on how well they understood the lesson.

Remote learning

Quizizz can be used to deliver assessments and quizzes remotely, making it a useful tool for distance learning or blended learning classrooms. It has definitely been one of my remote students’ favorite tool and the first benefit I found when the pandemic hit.


Quizizz also has a feature called “Live” which allows for students to take a quiz together in real-time, promoting collaboration and group learning. Be warned: fun chaos will ensue!

Student self-assessment

Quizizz has a self-grading feature which allows students to check their answers and receive feedback instantly. This can be a powerful tool for self-directed learning and helps students to identify their own areas of weakness.

Paper mode

This is a new way of using Quizizz when not all of your students have a computer or phone available. It works by downloading and printing a set of cards that work like QR codes. Students hold these cards up in a specific direction so you can scan the cards using the Quizizz app, enabling you to quickly and easily collect data on student understanding. This can help you quickly identify areas where students are struggling and adjust their instruction accordingly.

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