How To Make Grammar Fun

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Do you remember how fun learning grammar was when you were young? Don’t worry neither do I. 

Learning language rules can be a boring task to some students, and when we factor teaching these rules online, we tend to struggle to make them exciting and engaging to our students. However, it is possible to make them fun.

With these tips, you can make grammar fun and ensure your students learn and have fun at the same time.

Make It Part Of The Conversation

Language classes are communicative by nature, so introducing the grammar in communicative activities before even introducing them will make it easier for students to recognize as soon as you start explaining it. Simple things such as a question containing the grammar and some cues students can use will go along well for future comprehension, as it will show students how they can apply the new grammar in their usual conversations.

Make it competitive

Nothing like a bit of competition. There are countless apps that can make grammar a competition in the classroom. Tools like Quizizz make grammar a fun experience, as you can review the material by turning it into a quiz. To make it more fun, have them choose a random name or have them use a word or phrase from the last vocabulary. Simple things such as a question containing the grammar and some cues students can use will go along well for future comprehension, as it will show students how they can apply the new grammar in their usual conversations. You can get creative with this.

Make It Personal

Invite students to send you an image of their last vacation or doing something fun. Use these pictures in tandem with the new grammar. Is it the present continuous?Ask: “What is Mike doing in this picture?” Think about any personal info you can use (And of course, discuss it with these students beforehand.) Students will appreciate being part of the class. You can also mix it up by using your own pictures; you’ll notice how much engaged they become when you bring yourself to the classroom.

Vary The Formula

There is a finite way in which you can explain something. Instead of delving into the grammar lesson, or even introduce it, flip things around: Have them compete in a Quizizz even before the grammar is explained, and then review the answers with them. Basically, students will learn by trial and error.

Piece It Together

This one is as chaotic as it is fun. Make a list of the basic rules of the grammar you’re teaching. Next, add either wrong information to same list (alternatively, you can switch statements from affirmative to negative statements and vice versa) Send each (or some) students one of these rules. The trick is to have students identify the grammar situation. 

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